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Web hosting
Get your website or web content posted on the Internet Today! Whether you want to manage a personal website, or an e-commerce website for business we've got the perfect web hosting package for you.

Domain Name Registration
Your Domain Name is essentially your Web Address e.g

Virtual Mail
Virtual mail enables you to register an email address with your own domain name: for example 

Virtual Private Network

VPN: A VPN (Virtual Private Network) supplies network connectivity over a possibly long physical distance. It utilises public telecommunications network to provide private data communications. A VPN is a perfect business solution for organisations looking to both expand their networking capabilities and reduce their costs.

Infocom VPN technology implements restricted access networks that utilise the same cabling and routers as a public network, without sacrificing features or basic security.

VPN clientsand VPN servers are typically used in these three scenarios:

  1. To support remote access to an intranet,
  2. To support connections between multiple intranets within the same organisation, and
  3. To join networks between two organisations, forming an extranet.
Benefits of VPN
  • The main benefit of a VPN is the lower cost needed to support this technology compared to alternatives like traditional leased lines or remote access servers.
  • VPN users typically interact with simple graphical client programs. These applications support creating tunnels, setting configuration parameters, and connecting to and disconnecting from the VPN server.
  • VPN servers can also connect directly to other VPN servers. A VPN server-to-server connection extends the intranet or extranet to span multiple networks.

Collocation offers all the added features of dedicated hosting while providing you with more freedom. Infocom collocation solutions puts the ownership of the server in your hands.

Benefits of Collocation Services
Most businesses have to acquire the necessary staff or know-how to maintain and configure their own server. Dedicated collocation allows for greater flexibility in terms of administration and implementation of services. Other benefits include:-

  • Better performance because you determine the hardware specs.
  • Your business doesn’t need to maintain a datacentre hence savings on overall hosting costs.
  • Collocation hosting helps minimize downtimes and increase availability.
  • Infocom  monitors and troubleshoots your server.
  • With collocation hosting, you can be assured of high security for your server as the hosting company’s datacentres are well equipped for it.
  • With the collocation model of management, you can reduce set up and maintenance costs significantly.
  • Housing your IT equipment in a secure off-site environment makes your business less vulnerable to physical loss or damage of critical business systems.

Our HotSpots provide high speed wireless broadband Internet access in public locations for a large number of users.
Enjoy our affordable wireless Internet from any of our following HotSpot locations:




American Club, Makindye.

Ibamba Restaurant

Next to the Uganda Museum.

Café Pap

Parliamentary Avenue.




Garden City 3rd Floor.

Steak Out

Lumumba Avenue.

The Boma

Julia Sebutinde Road, Entebbe.

City Royal Hotel


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